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Why aren't my plugins working?

We noticed there's quite some confusion about plugins, so let's try to clear things out...

There are two main modified server types: Bukkit and Forge. The first can only read plugins, whereas the other can only read mods. If you are using a modpack, then your server is based off Forge.

When using Bukkit (or its cooler brother, Spigot) your server should be able to read plugins out-of-the-box. If for some reason your plugins aren't working, there is a good chance you installed a version not compatible with the server version; either that, or they're not properly configured.

However, if you have a Forge server, things might be a bit more complicated, but you'd still have a few solutions:

  1. You can use mods instead of plugins. In fact, many popular plugins, like Essentials, usually have a mod alternative for Forge servers (e.g. Forge Essentials).
  2. You can install SpongeForge, a mod that will let your server support the following plugins: check them out. Please note that Sponge plugins must be installed into the mods directory.
  3. You can install Thermos, a modified version of Forge that will enable support for Bukkit plugins. Unfortunately, Thermos only works with older servers (1.7.10), so if you are using a relatively recent modpack, this method is not what you are looking for.
That should be all. In case you still have any doubts, please feel free to contact our support to ask us anything.

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