Our Network
Voodoo's global fiber network is constantly expanding to new locations in order to guarantee a low-latency gameplay for all users around the world. Below you can find more details about each location:

>> Montreal, QC

Our Montreal datacenter has fantastic connectivity across North America, with the big plus of a lag-free experience for all European players as well. If your community is comprised of users from United States, Canada and Europe, this is probably the best location for hosting your Minecraft server.

>> Portland, OR (coming soon)

Great connectivity for North American players, especially those from western states. This location is also optimized for players in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Asia-Pacific countries.

>> Roubaix, FR

Situated a few milliseconds from London, this Central Europe location has unbelievably low pings for all players in the old continent. Additionally, we can ensure a smooth gameplay to users in India and most Middle East countries such as Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
Voodoo Servers delivers affordable Minecraft hosting solutions, taking care of your blocks for over five years. Built from the ground up to meet your desire for customization, we offer rock-solid Minecraft servers with extensive modpack support, professional control panel, easy configuration and instant deployment.
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