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How to create a domain IP with GoDaddy

So you've just purchased a new domain from GoDaddy, let's call it "potatocraft.net", and now you want to connect it to your server IP to make it look like "play.potatocraft.net". All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Log into the GoDaddy control panel
  • Click on "Domains"
  • Click on "Manage DNS"
  • Go to the "Records" table, click on "Add" and insert the following details:
Type: A
Host: server
Points to: your IP without port
TTL: 1/2 Hour

  • Save your changes
  • Click on "Add" once again and configure it this way:
Type: SRV
Service: _minecraft
Protocol: _tcp
Name: play
Target: server.potatocraft.net
Priority: 0
Weight: 0
Port: your port
TTL: 1/2 Hour

  • Save your changes
  • Wait a few minutes before testing your new IP

NOTE: sometimes it might take several hours for the GoDaddy DNS to update, so please be patient if things are not working right away.

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